DHitMA: About

DHitMA spawned as a result of the author being pushed from numerous platforms, and seeing the same being done to others. Always these platforms used equivocal terms and phrases as a means of suppression. Performing research assiduously, the author was and is quite assured that the only means to achieve a truly open and honest Internet is for censorship to be non-existent, and for data to be freely accessible by any individual. There is no other solution to meet this end. The opposite, which is already effected on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, necessarily strangles the free proliferation of ideas. Speaking politically for a moment, only the liar, coward and evildoer must enforce his ideology behind law, and preclude any others from arising by censorship.

Only on a truly free Internet, where censorship is done by the individual, on his own rational basis, and not by the large corporation who seeks to monopolize thought, can we find honest discourse and a place to seek knowledge in an able manner. Woe is he who allows his thinking to be done for him, and his knowledge to be obtainable as prescribed and only after purchasing it from his keeper. Data Hoarding in the Modern Age was created and shall remain extant in order that we who choose to follow its principles may maintain our intellectual sovereignty- the trait which is so dearly lacking in to-day's time. To all who have stumbled upon DHitMA, and who would take its meaning to heart and employ its practices, know earnestly that you are at the vanguard of knowledge seekers, and shall one day rejoice in the attainment of our aim: a free Internet.