DHitMA: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, is a means of effecting end-to-end encryption in emails. The reader may possess an aversion to it, as they may have already heard of it in passing, and gotten scared off because it sounded complicated. Really, it is not. We recommend PGP be used for email communications. It should be noted, however, that PGP does not protect against confidentiality breaches, if one is to send compromising information to a bad recipient (a non-friend, non-acquaintance, etc.). We maintain that the reader must practice safety and restraint when emailing, as described in DHitMA: Preserving Your Online Anonymity.

The below paragraphs contain links to outside websites and sources of data; we maintain that the individual must verify the links therein.

Basic Outline of Using PGP