DHitMA: How to Torrent

We maintain that the reader must use a VPN before doing any sort of torrenting. If this warning is not heeded, then the reader may receive notices and/or suspension of Internet service from their Internet service provider.

Torrenting is a protocol that allows the user to download data from whoever is hosting it, and not some centralized entity, like a large corporation. Torrenting allows users to bypass certain restrictions of the Web and to download more obscure data. Much of the data that is able to be torrented is copyrighted, so we must warn the reader to refrain from torrenting such materials. Torrenting should be used to host and share data that would otherwise be censored from the mainstream Web.

The below paragraphs contain links to outside websites and sources of data; we maintain that the individual must verify the links therein.

It is not the intent of this article to discuss each means of torrenting. One should perform one's own research on the topic and on the applications that exist to facilitate the protocol. We reiterate: use a VPN before torrenting.

Torrenting Software

Finding Torrents